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How AI is Transforming Industries

A collection of case studies of how large and small organizations are actually using AI. Link

The AI Blog

The latest news about AI progress from Microsoft. Link

The Future Computed:
Artificial Intelligence and its role in society

A short non-technical book discussing AI’s promise and challenge for modern society, by Microsoft’s President Brad Smith and top AI researcher Harry Shum. Link

Facial Recognition Technology:
The need for public regulation and corporate responsib

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith makes the case for careful regulation of AI-based facial recognition and an ethical approach by governments and corporations to all AI technologies. Link

Microsoft AI Platform

A more technical introduction to Microsoft’s AI platform. Link

Digital Transformation in the Cloud:
What enterprise leaders and their legal and compliance advisors need to k

A non-technical book that lays out the business case for digital transformation and explains the foundational requirements of security, privacy, and compliance. Link

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